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ProForm has a long heritage of providing solutions in the food processing industry.  We make conveyors, mixers, tanks, strainers, dehydrators, and freeze dryer units to name a few products that we have made and continue to fabricate for our OEM customers.  ProForm is a creative problem solver that can help with your custom food processing equipment requirements.  See the Bakery Case Study below and peruse our library of past projects to get an understanding our capabilities.

Bakery Line Case Study

ProForm was asked to help design two conveyors in a 24-hour, 7-day a week, refrigerated cookie production/packaging line.
– Design conveyors that would be hooked up to existing electrical systems – Engineer the equipment to be used in a 24 hour, refrigerated environment – Manufacture and finish to sanitary food grade level for food safety requirements – Design conveyor belt that is very accessible and easy to clean – Add emergency safety feature to the conveyor for a quick way to stop the line if needed
The bakery plant needed 2 custom conveyors for their cookie line. One was needed to transport raw cookies out of the freezer another conveyor was needed to move raw cookies to the bagging station.
ProForm designed and fabricated conveyors that functioned very well in transporting the cookies efficiently through the bakery’s production and packing process. The conveyors were not only very durable, but also easily accessible to clean.   Additionally, the plant manager wanted a safety stop that was in close proximity to any operator that needed to quickly stop the line. To fulfill this objective, ProForm added a red emergency stop cable which ran along the entire length of the conveyor.   Operators no longer had to get to an emergency stop button located outside the room.

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“ProForm has been a trusted and reliable partner over the past 15 years. I appreciate ProForm’s attention to detail beginning with the site survey and making sure that the equipment is fit for our purposes right from the design phase.   Their Engineering and Project Managers are creative and look for ways to make our process more efficient and cost-effective. I highly recommend working with them.”

Mark R. Plant Manager

ProForm’s conveyors in action

Food Processing Project Library

Some of our sanitary stainless food projects that we have done.