Premium Barriers

Get Your Business Working Again With Custom Barriers!

Adjustable Barrier

To help business operators shield staff and customers from contaminants, ProForm Fabrication has developed and begun producing customized restaurant dividers. These custom guards are modular and can be used in many different settings. ProForm can customize these dividers to maintain your business’ layout as much as possible.

Customized Guard Benefits

  • Increase your available capacity while social distancing
  • Modular design and available customization for separators allows for limitless layout possibilities
  • Sturdy Stainless-Steel construction allows confidence and durability
  • Attractive finish is easy to clean
  • Customized and standard dimensions available to fit any space, anywhere
  • Optional clamp-on design makes installation and movement quick and easy
  • Manufactured in the USA
Economy Barrier

ProForm Fabrication has over 85 years of experience in the sanitary stainless-steel fabrication sector. We will provide comprehensive assistance through all phases of your product development to ensure we have the best barrier solution for your needs. Below are our standard sizes, but ProForm Fabrication can customize any divider to fit your space’s needs. Contact us for a quote today.

Portable Barrier

Portable Barrier
P/N: L3624

Dimensions: 36″W X 24″H

Tabletop design with stainless steel legs for a sturdy protection option for your customers and staff members.

Economy Barrier

Economy Barrier
P/N: B3072
Dimensions: 30″W x 72″H

Sturdy stainless steel base with an easy to clean finish. Free standing and portable to fit the needs of your floorplan.

Adjustable Barrier

Adjustable Barrier
P/N: C30-5024

Dimensions: 30″-50″W X 24″H

Adjustable barrier with unique clamping design allows for ultimate flexibility.